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དྲི། (Wyl. dri) n. Pron.: dri

  • Skt. gandha. Smells [Abhidharma] [Eighteen dhatus] [Twelve ayatanas]
  • smells [Samkhya Tenets] [Twenty-Five Principles] [Five subtle objects]
  • Skt. गन्धः, gandha, Pron.: gandha. From Sanskrit: smell, odour (nine kinds are enumerated, viz. | a tenth kind is called | a fragrant substance, fragrance, scent, perfume (generally used in | in | = 'fragrant' | sulphur | pounded sandal-wood | a sectarial mark on the forehead (called so in the south of India) | p.66 | myrrh | Hyperanthera Moringa | the mere smell of anything, small quantity, little | connection, relationship | a neighbour | pride, arrogance | for | Śiva [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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