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འདོད་ཆགས། (Wyl. 'dod chags) n. Pron.: dö chak

  • Skt. rāga. Desire [Abhidharma] [Fifty-one mental states] [Six root disturbing emotions]
  • Skt. रागः, rāga, Pron.: raga. From Sanskrit: fr. | or | the act of colouring or dyeing | colour, hue, tint, dye, (•esp.) red colour, redness | inflammation | any feeling or passion, (•esp.) love, affection or sympathy for, vehement desire of, interest or joy or delight in | or | loveliness, beauty (•esp. of voice or song) | a musical note, harmony, melody (in the later system a •partic. musical mode or order of sound or formula | Bharata enumerates 6, viz. | and | each mode exciting some affection | other writers give other names | sometimes 7 or 26 Rāgas are mentioned | they are personified, and each of the 6 chief Rāgas is wedded to 5 or 6 consorts called Rāgiṇīs | their union gives rise to many other musical modes | nasalization, Rprāt. | a •partic. process in the preparation of quicksilver | seasoning, condiment | a prince, king | the sun | the moon [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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