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རོ། (Wyl. ro) n. Pron.: ro

  • Skt. rasa. Tastes [Abhidharma] [Eighteen dhatus] [Twelve ayatanas]
  • tastes [Samkhya Tenets] [Twenty-Five Principles] [Five subtle objects]
  • Skt. रसः, rasa, Pron.: rasa. From Sanskrit: the sap or juice of plants, Juice of fruit, any liquid or fluid, the best or finest or prime part of anything, essence, marrow | water, liquor, drink | juice of the sugar-cane, syrup | any mixture, draught, elixir, potion | melted butter | with or •scil. | milk | with or •scil. | poison | nectar | soup, broth | a constituent fluid or essential juice of the body, serum, (•esp.) the primary juice called chyle (formed from the food and changed by the bile into blood) | mercury, quicksilver (sometimes regarded as a kind of quintessence of the human body, else where as the seminal fluid of Śiva) | semen virile | myrrh | any mineral or metallic salt | a metal or mineral in a state of fusion | gold | Vanguieria Spinosa | a species of amaranth | green onion | resin | taste, flavour (as the principal quality of fluids, of which there are 6 original kinds, viz. | sweet | sour | salt | pungent | bitter | and | astringent | sometimes 63 varieties are distinguished, viz. beside the 6 original ones, 15 mixtures of 2, 20 of 3, 15 of 4, 6 of 5, and 1 of 6 flavours | N. of the number 'six' | any object of taste, condiment, sauce, spice, seasoning | the tongue (as the organ of taste) | taste or inclination or fondness for | with or •scil. | or | love, affection, desire | charm pleasure, delight | in | the taste or character of a work, the feeling or sentiment prevailing in it | from 8 to 10 Rasas are generally enumerated, viz. | love | heroism | disgust | anger or fury | mirth | terror | pity | wonder | tranquillity or contentment | paternal fondness | the last or last two are sometimes omitted | under | the prevailing sentiment in human character | there are 5 Rasas or Ratis forming the 5 degrees of | viz. | and | a kind of metre | N. of the sacred syllable, 'Om,' | the son of a Nishāda and a Śanakī [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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