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རླུང། (Wyl. rlung) n. Pron.: lung

  • motility, energetic currents ▷HVG
  • wind [Samkhya Tenets] [Twenty-Five Principles] [Five Elements]
  • Skt. prāṇa.
  • ཡང་ཞིང་གཡོ་བ། [Definition] ▷KPH
  • Skt. मारुतः, māruta, Pron.: maruta. From Sanskrit: or | fr. | relating or belonging to the Maruts, proceeding from or consisting of the Maruts | relating to or derived from the wind, windy, aerial | N. of Vishṇu | of Rudra | a son of the Maruts (applied to Vāyu, Ūrdhva-nabhas, Dyutāna or Nitāna) | wind, air, the god of wind | vital air, one of the 3 humours of the body | breath | a chief of the Maruts | N. of a Marut | of Agni | the Maruts (regarded as children of Diti) | N. of a people [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. वायुः, vāyu, Pron.: vayu. From Sanskrit: fr. | wind, air (as one of the 5 elements | in | 7 winds are reckoned | the god of the wind | with Parjanya, but although of equal rank with Indra, not occupying so prominent a position | in the Purushasūkta he is said to have sprung form the breath of Purusha, and elsewhere is described as the son-in-law of Tvashṭṛi | be is said to move in a shining car drawn by a pair of red or purple horses or by several teams consisting of ninety-nine or a hundred or even a thousand horses | he is often made to occupy the same chariot with Indra, and in conjunction with him honoured with the first draught of the Soma libation | he is rarely connected with the Maruts, although in i, 134, 4 | breathing, breath | the wind of the body, a vital air | of which 5 are reckoned, viz. | and | or | and | the windy humour or any morbid affection of it | the wind as a kind of demon producing madness | N. of the fourth Muhūrta | a mystical N. of the letter | N. of a Vasu | of a Daitya | of a king of the Gandharvas | of a Marut | the Maruts [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. अनिलः, anila, Pron.: anila. From Sanskrit: Trish | air or wind | the god of wind | one of the forty-nine Anilas or winds | one of the eight demi-gods, called Vasus | wind as one of the humors or | of the body | rheumatism, paralysis, or any affection referred to disorder of the wind | N. of a Ṛishi and other persons | the letter | the number forty-nine. [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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