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སྙིང་སྟོབས། (Wyl. snying stobs) n. Pron.: nyingtob

  • Skt. sattva. [Samkhya Tenets] [Three Guṇa]
  • Skt. sattva. equilibrium [Samkhya Tenets] [Three Qualities or Universal Constituents]
  • Skt. सत्त्वम्, sattva, Pron.: sattva. From Sanskrit: being, existence, entity, reality ([Iśvara],’the existence of a Supreme Being’), TS | true essence, nature, disposition of mind, character | spiritual essence, spirit, mind | vital breath, life, consciousness, strength of character, strength, firmness, energy, resolution, courage, self-command, good sense, wisdom, magnanimity | the quality of purity or goodness (regarded in the Sāṃkhya phil. as the highest of the three Guṇas [q.v.] or constituents of Prakṛti because it renders a person true, honest, wise, and a thing pure, clean) | material or elementary substance, entity, matter, a thing Nir. Prāt. | a substantive, noun | m. n. a living or sentient being, creature, animal | embryo, foetus, rudiment of life (See [-lakśaṇā]) | a ghost, demon, goblin, monster Kathās | m. N. of a son of Dhṛta-rāshṭra [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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