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སྲིན་པོ། (Wyl. srin po) n. Pron.: sinpo

  • Skt. rākṣasa. [Classes of beings]
  • Skt. राक्षसः, rākṣasa, Pron.: rakshasa. From Sanskrit: fr. | belonging to or like a Rakshas, demoniacal, infested by demons | (with | or | or | 'one of the 8 forms of marriage', the violent seizure or rape of a girl after the defeat or destruction of her relatives | a Rakshas or demon in general, an evil or malignant demon (the Rākshasas are sometimes regarded as produced from Brahmā's foot, sometimes with Rāvaṇa as descendants of Pulastya, elsewhere they are styled children of Khasā or Su-rasa | according to some they are distinguishable into 3 classes, one being of a semi-divine benevolent nature and ranking with Yakshas | another corresponding to Titans or relentless enemies of the gods | and a third answering more to nocturnal demons, imps, fiends, goblins, going about at night, haunting cemeteries, disturbing sacrifices and even devouring human beings | this last class is the one most commonly mentioned | their chief place of abode was Lañkā in Ceylon | in | also | a king of the Rakshas | one of the 8 classes of Vyantaras | N. of the 30th Muhūrta | of one of the astronomical | of a minister of Nanda | of a poet | below | the 49th year in the Jupiter cycle of 6o years [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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