An Ornament to Nagarjuna's Intent

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Gendün Chöpel, photo courtesy of Tibet Foundation

An Ornament to Nagarjuna's Intent (Tib. ཀླུ་གྲུབ་དགོངས་རྒྱན་, Wyl. klu grub dgongs rgyan) by Gendün Chöpel, compiled from instructions he gave on Madhyamika shortly before he was imprisoned, and published after his death through the sponsorship of Dudjom Rinpoche.


The text was compiled by the Nyingma lama Dawa Zangpo, who is therefore sometimes mentioned as the actual author.


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  • Gendün Chöphel, An Ornament of the Thought of Nāgārjuna Clarifying the Core of Madhyamaka, translated by Pema Wangjié and Jean Mulligan, Shang Shung Edizioni, 2005, second revised edition 2006

Further Reading

  • Donald S. Lopez Jr., 'dGe 'dun Chos 'phel's Position on Vigrahavyāvartinī' in Buddhist Forum: Vol. 3 edited by Tadeusz Skorupski, London: SOAS, 1995