Bodhicharyavatara Chapter 5 Outline

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Bodhicharyavatara Chapter Five: Vigilance - topical outline based on the commentary by Khenpo Kunpal.

I. Guarding the training by guarding the mind (1–22)

A. The brief plot (1)

B. The detailed explanation

  1. All harm manifests from the mind (2–8)
  2. All virtue comes from the mind (9–17)
  3. The urgency of keeping watch over the mind (18–22)

II. Mindfulness and Vigilance: using them to guard the mind (23–33)

A. The brief explanation (23)

B. The detailed explanation (24–33)

  1. The dangers of having no vigilance (24–28)
  2. How to practise mindfulness (29–33)

III. How actually to train our mind in action with Mindfulness and Vigilance (34–96)

A. Avoiding negativity (34–58)

  1. Making the actions of body, speech and mind pure (34–44)
  2. Protecting the training/precepts from going wrong (45–58)

B. Gathering virtue (59–83)

  1. We need to get rid of irrational attachment to our body, which is the cause for not training in the precepts (59–70)
  2. Making our behaviour skilful (71–83)

C. Working for the benefit of sentient beings (84–96)

  1. Earnestly working for the welfare of others (84)
  2. Attracting beings to the Dharma with material gifts and teachings (85–90)
  3. Protecting others from losing faith and confidence (91–96)

IV Other elements of a perfect practice (97–109)

A. The perfect practice itself (97–107)

B. Conclusion and summary of the chapter (108–109)