Bodhicharyavatara Chapter 7 Outline

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Bodhicharyavatara Chapter Seven: Diligence - topical outline based on the commentary by Khenpo Kunpal.

I. A brief explanation of the need for diligence (1)

II. A detailed explanation of diligence

A. The Essence of Diligence (2)

B. Eliminating whatever prevents diligence

1. Identifying laziness and its causes (3)

2. The methods for getting rid of the three kinds of laziness

a) Cultivating an antidote to the laziness of lethargy or inactivity (4) to (14)
b) Cultivating an antidote to the laziness of attachment to negative behaviour (15), (16)
c) Cultivating an antidote to the laziness of self-discouragement or despondency (17) to (31)

C. Cultivating what is favourable for diligence

1. A brief explanation (32)

2. A detailed explanation

a) Gathering the four forces
i) The force of aspiration (33) to (46)
ii) The force of steadfastness
(a) A general explanation (47) to (49)
(b) An explanation of specific points
(i) Cultivating self-confidence inaction (50), (51)
(ii) Cultivating self-confidence in our ability (52) to (59)
(iii) Cultivating self-confidence in the face of destructive emotions (60) to (62)
ii) The force of joyfulness (63) to (66)
iii) The force of moderation (67)
b) Cultivating the two strengths
i) The strength of wholehearted practice (68) to (74)
ii) The strength of mastery over body and mind (75), (76)