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The Golden Tengyur (Tib. གསེར་གྱི་ལག་བྲིས་མ་, ser gyi lak dri ma, Wyl. gser gyi lag bris ma), also known as the Ganden Tengyur, was created in the mid-eighteenth century by Polhané Sonam Tobgyal, who also ordered the printing of the Narthang Kangyur and Tengyur. From 1959 to 1988, it was held by the Mirik Pendzö Khang in Beijing. Since then the original has been returned to Ganden Monastery. It was published in Tianjing in 1988. There are 225 volumes.

Further Reading

  • Peter Skilling, A brief guide to the Golden Tanjur in "Journal of the Siam Society" 79, 1991.

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