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Hayagriva from the thangka of Tendrel Nyesel

Hayagriva (Skt. Hayagrīva; Tib. རྟ་མགྲིན་, Tamdrin; Wyl. rta mgrin) — the wrathful manifestation of Avalokiteshvara who symbolizes enlightened speech, usually depicted as red in colour and with a horse's head protruding from his crown.


Hayagriva is one of the eight principal deities of Kagyé where he is referred to as Lotus-like Speech (པདྨ་གསུང་, pad+ma gsung). The instructions related to this form of Hayagriva are based on the so-called "three neighs of the horse"[1]

In the Longchen Nyingtik, the Hayagriva practice related to Palchen Düpa is called "The Play of the Three Realms" (རྟ་མགྲིན་ཁམས་གསུམ་རོལ་པ་, rta mgrin khams gsum rol pa).

Sera monastery has a Nyingma tradition Hayagriva called Hayagriva Very Secret (Tamdring Yang Sang) that is actively practiced.


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Further Reading

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