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Mahavyutpatti (Skt. Mahāvyutpatti; Tib. བྱེ་བྲག་ཏུ་རྟོགས་པར་བྱེད་པ་, Wyl. bye brag tu rtogs par byed pa) — the famous glossary of Sanskrit and Tibetan terms completed during the reign of King Tri Ralpachen in order to standardize translations. Ralpachen is said to have ordered a meeting of scholars in 921, and charged them with providing standard Tibetan equivalents for a wide range of terms encountered in Sanskrit Buddhist texts. The result was the Mahavyutpatti.

Another lexicon, the Two-Volume Lexicon, is considered a commentary on it. It is most likely that the basis for the Mahavyutpatti has been a smaller repository, the Svalpavyutpatti.

Further Reading

  • A New Critical Edition of the Mahavyutpatti: Sanskrit-Tibetan_Mongolian Dictionary of Buddhist Terminology, Studia Tibetica, No. 16, Materials for Tibetan-Mongolian Dictionaries, Vol. 1, Edited by Yumiko Ishihama and Yoichi Fukuda, Toyo Bunko, 1989.

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