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Marichi (Skt. mārīcī) or Özerchenma (Tib. འོད་ཟེར་ཅན་མ་, Wyl. 'od zer can ma) is the Goddess of the Dawn.


There are innumerable practices of Marichi in the many Buddhist traditions in the world. The following are the three canonical texts preserved in the Tibetan tradition, found in the Kriya Tantra section of the Dergé Kangyur. Furthermore, five commentaries (D 3526, 3527, D 3537, D 3662, D 3698) are preserved in the Dergé Tengyur .

  • The Incantation of Mārīcī (Skt. ārya mārīcī nāma dhāraṇī, Wyl. 'phags ma 'od zer can zhes bya ba'i gzungs’’, D 564)
  • The Sovereign Practices Extracted from the Tantra of Māyāmārīcī (Skt. māyāmārīcījāta tantrād uddhitaṃ kalparājā, Wyl. sgyu ma'i 'od zer can 'byung ba'i rgyud las phyung ba'i rtog pa'i rgyal po’’, D 565)
  • The Seven Hundred Practices of Mārīcī from the Tantras (Skt. ārya mārīcī maṇḍalavidhi mārīcījāta dvādaśasahasra uddhitaṃ kalpa hṛdaya saptaśata, Wyl. ‘phags ma 'od zer can gyi dkyil 'khor gyi cho ga 'od zer can 'byung ba'i rgyud stong phrag bcu gnyis pa las phyung ba'i rtog pa'i snying po bdun brgya pa’’, D 566)


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