Prayer for the Long Life of Patrick Gaffney

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Patrick Gaffney photo courtesy of Angelika Berger

Prayer for the Long Life of Patrick Gaffney (Yeshe Wangyal)
by Alak Zenkar Rinpoche

pa tayé pé tsé dang yeshé kyi
chok jin yishyin wang gyal lha tsok kyi
chimé tsé yi ngödrup ma lü pa
trik chak gyün mi chépar tsal du söl

May the assembly of powerful and victorious wish-fulfilling deities,
Who grant the supreme gifts of boundless life and wisdom,
Bestow all the attainments of longevity and immortality,
In a continuous and everlasting stream, we pray!

In response to the persistent requests of my kindly neighbour Nina-la, who asked me to write a prayer for the long life of the esteemed Patrick Gaffney (Yeshe Wangyal-la), this was composed by Thubten Nyima (Alak Zenkar Rinpoche). May Lord Amitayus grant his blessings so that circumstances are favourable for this prayer of ours to be fulfilled.