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Wheel of Life

Samsara (Skt. saṃsāra; Tib. འཁོར་བ་, khorwa, Wyl. ‘khor ba) is the cycle of conditioned existence, birth and death, which is characterized by suffering and in which one is continually reborn until attaining nirvana.


Luis Gomez has written: should note that saṃsāra is not "cyclic" existence. The term means either wandering about or moving on without interruption, like a river current.[1]

Alternative Translations

  • The round (Matthew Kapstein)


  1. Luis O. Gómez, 'The Way of the Translators: Three Recent Translations of Sântideva's Bodhicaryâvatâra'. Buddhist Literature I (1999) p.314.

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