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The Shamarpa Incarnation Line is an important lineage of Karma Kagyü masters. The first Shamarpa was the main disciple of the 3rd Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje (1284-1339), who presented him with the red crown, giving him the name Shamarpa ‘holder of the red crown’.

Since in 1792, during the life of the 10th Shamarpa, there was a ban on the Shamarpas’ enthronement. However, His Holiness the 16th Karmapa, sought consent from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and enthroned his nephew as the Shamarpa, taking him under his wing for the guidance of his body, speech and mind.[1]

Previous Incarnations

  • nam mkha' 'od
  • bkra shis grags pa (1200-1282)


  1. Khedrup Drakpa Senge (rtogs ldan grags pa seng+ge) (1283-1349)
  2. Khachö Wangpo (mkha' spyod dbang po) (1350-1405)
  3. Chöpal Yeshe (chos dpal ye shes) (1406-1452)
  4. Chökyi Drakpa Yeshe (chos grags ye shes) (1453-1524)
  5. Köncho Yenlak (dkon mchog yan lag) (1525-1583)
  6. Chökyi Wangchuk (chos kyi dbang phyug) (1584-1630)
  7. Yeshe Nyinpo (ye shes snying po) (1631-1694)
  8. Palchen Chökyi Döndrup (dpal chen chos kyi don grub) (1695-1732)
  9. Könchog Gewé Yungné (dkon mchog dge ba'i 'byung gnas) (1733-1740)
  10. Chödrup Gyamtso (chos grub rgya mtsho) (1741/1742-1792). Because of the alleged complicity of chos grub rgya mtsho in the Nepalese invasion of Tibet, his monastery of yangs pa can was confiscated and the entire property of the zhwa dmar bla brang was impounded. The recognition of further incarnations of the zhwa dmar was prohibited.[2]
  11. (not enthroned). A physician lama, in northern Tibet. Studying and meditating, his activities were unrecorded.[3][4]
  12. (not enthroned). 'jam dbyangs rin po che, the 15th Karmapa, Khakhyap Dorje’s son.
  13. (not enthroned). Lived less than a year.[5]
  14. Mipham Chökyi Lodrö (mi pham chos kyi blo gros) (1952-2014)


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