Six times

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Six times of the day (Tib. དུས་དྲུག, dü druk, Wyl. dus drug) —

  1. dawn (ཐོ་རེངས་, toreng, tho rengs)—at this time, you can see the shape of your hand but can not see the lines on your palm.
  2. morning (སྔ་དྲོ་, ngadro, snga dro)—from when you can see the lines on your palm until sunrise.
  3. mid day (ཉིན་གུང་, nyinkung, nyin gung)—when things hardly cast any shadow.
  4. afternoon (ཕྱི་དྲོ་, chidro, phyi dro)—when shadows are not long.
  5. dusk (སྲོད་, , srod)—from sunset until you can no longer make out the lines on your hand.
  6. midnight (ནམ་གུང་, namkung, nam gung)