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Upon rebirth in Sukhavati, one immediately[1] attains miraculous abilities, such as the five clear perceptions[2], unlimited eloquence and wisdom in upholding sutras and reciting and expounding them[3], the ability to travel anywhere instantanously[4] such as Abhirati, Zangdokpalri or our planet Earth[5] and to hear spontaneously whatever teachings they may wish and remember them perfectly.[6]

  1. Immediately according to the Amitabhavyuha Sutra. The Amitayurdhyana Sutra distinguishes between 9 levels of birth, only those of the highest capacity and merit would have all of these abilities immediately upon birth.
  2. Hisao Inagaki, The Three Pure Land Sutras, page 13: Vows 5, 6, 7, 8. The ability to perform miracles is mentioned elsewhere in the sutra
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  5. Ringu Tulku explains this is possible because beings in Sukhavati possess a light body, not a body of flesh and blood, see
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