Ten royal sutras

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The ten royal sutras (Tib. རྒྱལ་པོའི་མདོ་བཅུ་, Wyl. rgyal po'i mdo bcu) — the sutras Guru Padmasambhava personally recommended to King Trisong Detsen who had requested only but the most essential sutras for practice. These are the five royal sutras with the addition of five other sutras.

  1. The King of Aspiration Prayers which is in chapter 44 of the Avatamsaka Sutra, for aspiration, and described as vast.
  2. Vajra Conqueror for cleansing and purification.
  3. Heart Sutra for the view, and described as profound.
  4. Sutra on Wisdom at the Hour of Death for meditation and described as of definitive meaning.
  5. The Confession of Downfalls, which is part of Ascertaining the Vinaya: Upali’s Questions, for purification of karmic obscurations.
  6. Longevity sutra: Sutra of Boundless Life and Wisdom
  7. Dharani sutra: The Ritual for the Blue-Clad Vajrapani (Skt. Ārya-nīlāmbaradhara-vajrapāṇi-kalpa-nāma-dhāraṇī; Wyl. gos sngon can) (Toh 748)
  8. Prevention sutra: White Umbrella sutra (Toh 591)
  9. Wealth sutra: Vasudhara Sutra
  10. Essence sutra: The Perfection of Wisdom ‘In One Syllable’ (Wyl. yi ge gcig ma) (Toh 23)

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