Ultimate Inexpressible Confession

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Ultimate Inexpressible Confession or Yeshe Kuchok (Tib. བརྗོད་མེད་དོན་གྱི་བཤགས་པ་, jömé dön gyi shakpa, Wyl. brjod med don gyi bshags pa) — a popular confession practice that is extracted from the fourth chapter of the Immaculate Confession Tantra, Confession of Discord with the Wisdom Deities.



  • Katok Yeshe Gyaltsen
  • Jikme Lingpa, Advice for Mantrikas: Illuminating the Ocean of Samayas, A Commentary on the Fourth Chapter of the Confession Tantra (sngags pa la spring ba'i gtam bshags le bzhi pa'i TI ka dam tshig rgya mtsho'i gsal byed)
  • Rigdzin Gargyi Wangchuk, Illuminating Wisdom: A Word by Word Commentary on The Ultimate Inexpressible Confession (ye shes sku mchog ma'i 'brul 'grel ye shes snang ba)

Teachings on Ultimate Inexpressible Confession