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Vihardhara (Skt. Vihārdhara; Tib. གཙུག་ལག་འཛིན་, tsuklak dzin, Wyl. gtsug lag 'dzin)[1] was the king of Zahor and father of Mandarava. He attempted to burn Guru Rinpoche alive.


  1. Vihārdhara is a Sanskrit reconstruction of the Tibetan. Other scholar, such as Van der Kuijp, suggest Arśadhara as a reconstruction. Van der Kuijp, however, points out that this was probably not his name, since the language spoken in Zahor was different form Sanskrit. Van der Kuijp, Leonard W.J., On the Edge of Myth and History: Za hor, its Place in the History of Early Indian Buddhist Tantra, and Dalai Lama V and the Genealogy of its Royal Family, (Shanghai: Zhongxi Book Company, 2013), 141.