Changchub Shunglam

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Changchub Shunglam (Wyl. byang chub gzhung lam), 'The Basic Path toward Enlightenment' or 'The Great Path of Awakening' — a widely-studied commentary by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thayé on the Seven Points of Mind Training, which is included in his Treasury of Precious Instructions—one of The Five Great Treasures.

In his retreat instructions, Jamgön Kontrul says: "Once you have received the instructions and explanations on the Seven Points of Mind Training, you should train in the practices explained in this manual (Changchub Shunglam) until you die. Even if you are unable to develop stable experience in the practices of kyerim and dzogrim, you should always take these teachings to heart. Don't forget them when you are happy, and don't reject them either, but instead, apply them when you are depressed, sad, or at times when you need help."


  • Jamgon Kongtrul, The Great Path of Awakening, translated by Ken McLeod, Shambhala, 2005 (in French: Djamgoeun Kongtrul, L'Alchimie de la Souffrance, Editions Marpa, 1996)

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