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The Denkarma (Tib. ལྡན་དཀར་མ་, Wyl. ldan dkar ma) or Lhenkarma (Tib. ལྷན་དཀར་མ་, Wyl. lhan dkar ma) is a catalogue compiled by Kawa Paltsek, Khön Lu'i Wangpo and Namkhé Nyingpo in the early ninth century during the reign of king Senalek Jingyön (possibly in 812, but with texts being added to the list at least until 830) listing all the texts that had been translated into Tibetan by that time. It is included in the Tengyur.


  • (pho brang stong thang ldan dkar gyi chos kyi 'gyur ro cog gi dkar chag)

Further Reading

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