Eight vidyadharas of India

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Eight vidyadharas (Tib. རིག་འཛིན་བརྒྱད་, rigdzin gyé; Wyl. rig 'dzin brgyad) of India — eight Indian masters who were the first recipients of the Kagyé teachings, and having mastered them, reached the vidyadhara level. They are:

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Sometimes Padmasambhava is added as a ninth, or even as part of the eight in place of Prabahasti.

The Eight Vidyadharas and the Kagyé

According to Dudjom Rinpoche:
Master Deity Casket
Vimalamitra Chemchok gold
Humkara Yangdak silver
Mañjushrimitra Yamantaka iron
Nagarjuna Hayagriva copper
Padmasambhava Vajrakilaya turquoise
Dhanasamskrita Mamo Bötong rhinoceros horn
Rambuguhya Jikten Chötö agate
Shantigarbha Möpa Drakngak Zi stone

In the Mandala of Rigdzin Düpa

The eight vidyadharas appear as follows in the mandala of Rigdzin Düpa (together with the associated deities of Kagyé):

  • East - Humkara - Yangdak Heruka
  • South - Manjushrimitra - Yamantaka
  • West - Nagarjuna - Hayagriva
  • North - Prabhahasti - Vajrakilaya
  • South-east - Dhanasamskrita - Mamo Bötong
  • South-west - Vimalamitra - Düdtsi Yönten
  • North-west- Rombhuguhya - Jikten Chötö
  • North-east - Shantigarbha - Möpa Drakngak


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