Maratika cave

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Maratika cave (Skt. Māratika; Tib. མ་ར་ཏི་ཀ་, འཆི་བ་མཐར་བྱེད་, Wyl. 'chi ba mthar byed) — the cave where Guru Rinpoche attained the level of a vidyadhara with power over life through his practice with the consort Mandarava. It is thought to be the cave of Haileshi in Sagarmatha, Nepal.

As it says in A Great Treasure of Blessings:

Returning to Zahor, Padmasambhava took the royal princess Mandarava as his consort, and they then went to the Maratika cave, where for three months they practised the sadhana of longevity. The Buddha of Limitless Life, Amitayus appeared, empowered them with longevity, and blessed them as inseparable from him. They both accomplished the second vidyadhara level, ‘vidyadhara with mastery over life’.

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