Seven powers of wisdom

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The seven expressions of wisdom (Tib. དགོངས་པའི་རྩལ་བདུན་, Wyl. dgongs pa'i rtsal bdun) are the seven aspects related to the concealment of the Mahayoga teachings by rakshasa Matyaupayika:

  1. He thought of the excellent gold plates to write on (gser gyi byang bu 'bri gzhi phun sum tshogs pa la dgongs pa),
  2. He thought of excellent liquid lapis lazuli to write with (baidurya'i zhun ma rgyu phun sum tshogs pa la dgongs pa),
  3. He thought of excellent treasure chests of various precious gems (rin chen sna tshogs kyi sgrom bu snod la dgongs-pa),
  4. He thought of the expanse space to put them, as it cannot be destroyed by any of the four elements (nam mkha' 'byung bzhis mi 'jig pa gnas la dgongs pa),
  5. He thought of those who have the eye of wisdom as special treasure guardians (ye shes spyan Idan mams gter srung khyad par can la dgongs pa)
  6. He thought of King Dza, someone of the keenest disposition to hold these teachings (chos bdag rgyal po dza dbang po yang rab la dgongs pa)
  7. He thought of the lineage holders—ordinary and sublime beings, bodhisattvas and so on—and the spread of these teachings (skye 'phags byang sems sogs brgyud 'dzin dar rgyas la dgongs pa)

Alternative Translation

  • Seven Powers of Intention (Gyurme Dorje)