Dungtso Repa "the earlier"

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Dungtso Repa "the earlier " (Wyl. dung mtsho ras pa snga pa), aka Sherab Gyatso (13th), is the tertön whose incarnation, Dungtso Repa 'the later', revealed the Yangti Nakpo cycle of Dzogchen teachings.

He was born in the thirteenth century in Yakar Ngonpo (Wyl. g.yag mkhar sngon po) in the Yarlung Valley. He was the middle son of Jungne O (Wyl. 'jung gnas 'od) and Kyedren Bum (Wyl. khye 'dren 'bum), who gave him the name Sherab Gyatso (Wyl. shes rab rgya mtsho). He was considered an incarnation of Nyang Tingdzin Zangpo (8th-9th cent.) as well as of Kyepo Yeshe Dorje (skye po ye shes rdo rje, 12th cent.), who is thought to either refer to a disciple of Gampopa Sönam Rinchen (1079-1153) or possibly to the Drukpa Kagyü master, Lingje Repa Pema Dorje.[1][2]

His incarnation was Dungtso Repa 'the later'.


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