Dungtso Repa 'the later'

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Dungtso Repa "the later", copyright Ewam Yangti

Dungtso Repa "the later" (Tib. དུང་མཚོ་རས་པ་ཕྱི་བ/མ་, Wyl. dung mtsho ras pa phyi ba/ma), the incarnation of Dungtso Repa "the earlier", is the tertön who revealed the Yangti Nakpo cycle of Dzogchen teachings.

Dungtso Repa "the Later" was considered an emanation of both Yeshe Tsogyal and Vairochana.

The Yangti Nakpo cycle of terma revelation occurred in the 15th century at Lake Mandal Nagpo in the Gampo Region of central Tibet. Dungtso Repa "the later" then revealed a Dzogchen guru sadhana and a dark retreat instructions.

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