Thirteen late translated sutras

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There are thirteen late translated sutras (Tib. གསར་འགྱུར།, Wyl. gsar 'gyur) in the Kangyur usually grouped after the General Sutra section which are called ‘newly translated’ (གསར་དུ་འགྱུར་བ་, gsar du ‘gyur ba), also called “the group of thirteen sutras” (མདོ་ཚན་བཅུ་སུམ་པོ་, mdo tshan bcu sum po), and were translated in the first decade of the 14th century at the monastery of Tharpaling (not far from Zhalu in Central Tibet), by a translator from Ceylon, Anandashri, and the Tibetan translator Tharpa Lotsawa Nyima Gyaltsen Palzangpo, who was one of Butön's teachers.

They are the last group of sutras ever to enter the sutra section of the Kangyur. The thirteen sutras all have closely matching equivalents in the Pali Canon, and it is almost certain that they were translated from Pali, and are Theravada texts, i.e. from the literature of the Theravada school. They are the only Pali Theravada works represented in the Kangyur.

Tibetan Texts

All texts are in the Derge Kangyur, grouped at the end of the final, ‘miscellaneous sutra’ volume of the Perfection of Wisdom division (despite being unrelated to the prajñaparamita literature).

  • The Sutra of Turning the Wheel of Dharma (Skt. dharmacakrapravartanasūtra; Wyl.chos 'khor rab tu bskor ba'i mdo)
  • Account of the Previous Lives of the Buddha (Skt. jātakanidāna; Wyl. skyes pa rabs kyi gleng gzhi)
  • Sutra of Atanatiya (Skt. āṭānāṭiyasūtra; Wyl. lcang lo can gyi pho brang gi mdo)
  • Sutra of the Great Assembly ( Skt. mahāsamayasūtra; Wyl. 'dus pa chen po'i mdo)
  • Sutra on Loving Kindness (Skt. maitrisūtra; Wyl. byams pa'i mdo)
  • Sutra on the Meditation on Loving Kindness (Skt. maitribhāvanāsūtra; Wyl. byams pa bsgom pa'i mdo)
  • Sutra on the Benefits of the Five Precepts (Skt. pancaśikṣānusaṃsasūtra; Wyl. bslab pa lnga'i phan yon gyi mdo)
  • The Sutra of Giriyananda (Skt. giryānandasūtra; Wyl. ri'i kun dga' bo'i mdo)
  • Sutra of the Taming of the Naga King Nandopananda (Skt. nandopanandanāgarājadamanasūtra; Wyl. klu'i rgyal po dga' bo nyer dga' 'dul ba'i mdo)
  • The Mahakashyapa Sutra (Skt. mahākāśyapasūtra; Wyl. 'od srung chen po'i mdo)
  • The Sutra of the Sun (Skt. sūryasūtra; Wyl. nyi ma'i mdo)
  • The Sutra of the Moon (Skt. candrasūtra; Wyl. zla ba'i mdo)
  • The Sutra of Great Fortune (Skt. mahāmaṅgalasūtra; Wyl. bkra shis chen po'i mdo)

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