Penor Rinpoche Incarnation Line

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The First Drubwang Pema Norbu

Previous Incarnations

The Drubwang[1] Pema Norbu[2] Incarnations

All three successive incarnations are counted among the throneholders of Palyul Monastery.

The present day Penor Rinpoche writes:

It is not uncommon for there to be a lengthy span of time between the death of a master and the appearance of his or her subsequent reincarnation. My own tulku lineage is an example of this. There was a 130 years hiatus between the death of the First Pema Norbu in 1757 and the birth of the Second Pema Norbu in 1887. This is common in all the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. As for how these gaps come about, while tulkus are understood to have vowed to be continually reborn to help beings, it is not necessary for them to take rebirth in a continuous sequence of lives in this world. It is believed that they can be reborn in other world systems where they continue their compassionate activities, returning only later to this world system. This is how such lapses in tulku lineages are understood in Tibet.


  1. Drubwang means 'powerful master of accomplishment' or 'lord of siddhas'.
  2. Penor is the contraction of the first two syllables of 'Pema Norbu'. Pema means 'lotus' and norbu means 'jewel'.
  3. Khenpo Ngakchung adds to Penor Rinpoche's incarnations in between the first and second Pema Norbus.