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Siddhi (Skt. siddhi; Tib. དངོས་གྲུབ་, ngödrup; Wyl. dngos grub) — accomplishments, or literally 'real accomplishments'. The temporary and ultimate results that are attained through spiritual practice.


They are divided into:

  • ordinary or common siddhis (Tib. ཐུན་མོང་གི་དངོས་གྲུབ་, tünmong gi ngödrub, Wyl. thun mong gi dngos grub) (see eight ordinary accomplishments) and
  • the supreme or uncommon siddhi (Tib. མཆོག་གི་དངོས་གྲུབ་, chok gi ngödrub, Wyl. mchog gi dngos grub), which is enlightenment itself.

Supreme accomplishment is the attainment of buddhahood. Common or ordinary accomplishments are the miraculous powers acquired in the course of spiritual training. The attainment of these powers, which are similar in kind to those acquired by the practitioners of some non-Buddhist traditions, are not regarded as ends in themselves. When they arise, however, they are taken as signs of progress on the path and are employed for the benefit of the teachings and disciples.[1]


  1. Jigme Lingpa, Treasury of Precious Qualities, translated by Padmakara Translation Group, from the glossary.

Alternative Translations

  • attainments

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